The Droitwich Spa Civic Society was founded in 1974 as a response to the rapid development of the town.

The Civic Society is committed to the improvement of our town, including the protection and preservation of its historic core. We scrutinise planning applications, discuss these with developers and give advice to the authorities.

Latest Newsletter 2015 (154)

Some of the current projects & topics attracting Civic Society attention, many featuring in Latest Newsletter - Click above link

Yew Tree Hill -The Society's Latest Response

Sewer Repairs in Vines Park

A First Class Brownfield Site Ready for Development??

A Horse Race, Croome Court and The Coventry Charity!

Civic Society Joins Facebook!

Trolley Fines for Supermarkets!

Green Spaces are Good for You! Science has the Proof…

Raven Hotel site

We are striving for a sensitive development of this historic site to help boost town centre amenities.

Netherwich Basin and Vines Park

The appropriate development of this area is critical to attracting more visitors therefore capitalizing on the recently opened canal ring.

Welcome to Droitwich Spa

We are critical of the poor condition of the main entrances to Droitwich Spa. We want to see them improved to provide a better image and welcome to the town centre.

We welcome your views on issues relating to developments in Droitwich Spa within the aims of the Civic Society; please use the Feedback form.